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How to get listed as a sub-group?

Question asked by randynicholas on Feb 2, 2018
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Hello, I am the leader of a nonprofit here in West Tennessee and I am attempting to get listed as a sub-group or "branch" of a larger entity that is already listed with you. Child Evangelism Fellowship Inc. has a listing for our "Tennessee Chapter" and there is also another listing for our "Memphis Metro Chapter." I realize that these two listings are under unique EIN numbers. However, in our state, there are additional Chapters that are considered to be under the umbrella of the state of Tennessee Chapter that is is Murfreesboro. Their EIN is 62-0552175.


My specific location is known as the "Greater Jackson Chapter." Our office is in Jackson, TN. This is the problem for our specific Chapter... we have donors who wish to give to us specifically, not the state Chapter. In many cases, we are asked why we are not listed with GuideStar and / or a donor needs to use GuidStar to confirm we are an official nonprofit entity.


So, please tell me how we can create a sub-listing for our own purposes (our unique Chapter) but using the same EIN as our main state office. Help please. This is very important to us. Here is our unique contact information:


Child Evangelism Fellowship Inc.
CEF of Greater Jackson
364 North Parkway #5
Jackson, TN 38305
731-736-2786, office
Welcome to CEF of Greater Jackson  (website)


Randy Nicholas
Ministry Coordinator