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I am the manager for the Catholic Diocese of Lexington's account.  All our parishes use the same EIN. Can a parish have a separate GuideStar profile, so that corporations can make matching gifts to that parish directly?

Question asked by jillheink on Jan 31, 2018
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THis is the email that was forwarded on to me:


Nancy Ramirez (YourCause)

Jan 29, 12:18 CST

Hi M,

Thank you for contacting us! In order to be added to the database, each organization must register with our vetting partner, GuideStar. We receive a monthly charity update from GuideStar, between the 15th and 25th. The time it takes your organization to get added will depend on their responsiveness. Typically, it takes 1-2 months for an organization to be added to the database.

GuideStar Instructions (please forward to your charity):


I have requested to add your organization to the Arthur J Gallagher charity database. In order to be added, you will first need to register with Arthur J Gallagher's charity vetting partner, GuideStar. Please send ALL of the documents below to GuideStar for them to create a profile for your organization:

  1. The year the church/religious organization was founded
  2. A copy of a federal IRS document that has the church/religious organization’s name and EIN pre-printed on the form (form 941, payroll tax receipts, and EIN Issuance Letter are all acceptable documentation)
  3. A copy of the church/religious organization’s listing in the parent Church National Directory, a copy of the State Registration, or a copy of the Sales & Use Tax Exemption issued by the State.

You can either email your documents to Be sure to include your contact information!

All the best,

Nancy Ramirez