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Front Porch, SLO Guidestar Registration - Please Respond

Question asked by frontporchslo on Jan 27, 2018
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On 12/1/2017 we sent an email, as per your web site (How to Get your Nonprofit Listed on GuideStar), to with request for information on how to have Front Porch SLO added to the Guidestar database.


We have yet to receive a response.


I resent the message this morning, and will include its contents here, in hopes of a reply.


To Whom It May Concern,
Front Porch, SLO is a college ministry of the Presbytery of Santa Barbara [Employer Identification Number: 95-2937319], located in Goleta, California, which is a presbytery of the Presbyterian Church [U.S.A.] Presbyterian Church [U.S.A.) [Employer Identification Number: 23-6393377/General Exemption Number: 1617] in good standing and entitled to the Federal tax exemption granted to the Presbyterian Church [U.S.A.] by the letter ruling attached hereto.
Please advise with regard to Front Porch, SLO registration with Guidestar.
Best regards,
Mark McGilvray
Campaign Manager
Front Porch Council
Pastor Charlie Little, Council President, Front Porch, SLO
Pastor Joel Drenckpohl, Executive Director, Front Porch, SLO
Mary Blythe, Treasurer, Front Porch, SLO
Bonnie Boe, Treasurer, Presbytery of Santa Barbara