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Why is the financial information updated for a nonprofit profile not showing up?

Question asked by andydavey on Jan 26, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 31, 2018 by robin.burdick

Hello -- 


I'm managing a version of Guidestar local for Madison Community Community Foundation: Greater Madison Nonprofit Directory


One of the nonprofits in our directory and that we regularly work with (Aldo Leopold Nature Center) had two problems when trying to update their profit:


1) They tried manually updating their financial information, to add information for 2016. That information is not appearing, however. The latest financial information that appears is from 2015 -- how can we get the latest information to appear?


2) "Regarding the formatting odd character was populated in areas where I had used a hyphen as a bullet point... certainly not the end of the world, but a symbol we weren't expecting to see. The GuideStar form is not the friendliest...i.e. I wasn't able to hit 'return' to leave an empty line... if you have any pointers here, I would love the hear them."

I recognize it may be easiest for the staff from Aldo Leopold Nature Center communicate directly with Guidestar, but I'm also trying to learn how profiles work so I wanted to post the question and learn as well.


Thanks for any assistance.


Andy Davey