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Please correct our Address

Question asked by christopherdoucot on Jan 25, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 25, 2018 by robin.burdick

I am trying to update the mailing address for the nonprofit I founded and am president of. The current address in your system is for our former treasurer. I have followed all the steps outline on your website (several times) but I keep receiving the message that the ein (26-1223920) of our organization is incorrect or unlisted. When I search your website I am able to find our listing. When I seek to claim the listing so that I can update the postal address I again initiate a process that ends with being told our ein is incorrect or unlisted. Our former treasurer does not want to receive checks from Network For Good any longer and Network For Good relies on the address you have listed. (On a related note: our charity is in a very poor neighborhood in Hartford. Our listing, which was generated by you- not us, lists our address as the home address of our former treasurer which is in a very well to do location. This is gives an inaccurate perception about our organization to your users- who skew skeptical of charities to begin with.)

Can you please assist me in correcting your mistake.


Christopher J. Doucot

co-founder and president of The Hartford Catholic Worker, inc.