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I need help correcting the adress on the profile for EIN 46-3169952

Question asked by williewashington on Jan 19, 2018
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I am having issues with the Duke Energy website showing the correct address for the Retreat Colored Rosenwald School (EIN 46-3169952). Employee and Retiree matched contributions are not being received because of the incorrect address listing. When attempting to get the address corrected so that pending matching contributions can be received at the correct address, I was informed that it first needed to be corrected in your database and then it would be updated within Further checking revealed that the address was listed incorrectly in the information filed on the 2016 Form 990-N. It has since been corrected on the 2017 IRS Form 990-N filing.


If possible could your database be updated to show the correct address as:


310 W South 5th Street

Seneca, SC 29678


Any help given would be much appreciated.


Sincerely yours,

Willie Washington