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Question asked by joanrutherford on Jan 18, 2018
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Good morning.  I have for months been trying to register in the Smile Program but my non-profit does not appear in your data base.  I forwarded the first determination letter (dated January 2016) but was told you needed a more up-to-date letter.  So I contacted IRS and found that when approving my application, for some reason it did not load into the database.  They manually loaded the information while I was on the phone and reissued a new determination letter dated December 5, 2017.  You indicate that new additions to the IRS database is downloaded automatically by you.  So, I am not sure what to do now as I have completed a profile but cannot locate our non-profit in your database by name or number.  Crossing Jordan - A Mission Of Mercy, EIN 46-5380746.  We are located in the state of Washington and we are duly registered here through the Secretary of State and the Washington Non-Profit/Charities program.  Help. We would really like to register with the Smile Program.  Pastor Joan Rutherford  360-427-2448