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Getting listed to receive donations

Question asked by valerieshore on Jan 18, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 18, 2018 by robin.burdick

Do I need to enable/activate something on my GuideStar profile to be listed and begin receiving donations?
I feel like I've filled out most of the required info.

This the feedback we got from a company trying to match funds for a donation:
Angelpoints is a software program. To run, it uses a donor advised fund, Network for Good (a charity themselves) to pay out the payments to the charities we direct - hence the name, donor advised. Donor advised funds have to vet organizations they are paying out to make sure they are compliant. Network for Good uses Guidestar to vet those organizations. Charities have profiles within Guidestar that they may access like updating contact info, their address, whether they will accept donations from third party sources or only direct from the donors. Some charities, like the one you want to donate to, may have inadvertently opted out of receiving those donations from outside parties like our donor advised fund, Network for Good. This is usually an oversight on the part of the charity. However, until the charity goes back to their Guidestar account and corrects this, we would not be able to process a matching gift to them.

I suggest you contact the charity and advise them of this. Please have them notify you when corrected and then you should be able to proceed within your Angelpoints account by requesting the matching gift. I hope that helps. Thanks.

Thanks in advance for your help.