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Add program to our profile.  I have attempted to do this about five times.

Question asked by saveniafalquist Champion on Jan 16, 2018
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I am able to add in all of the program info with the safe button.  When I publish it doesn't take any of the program info.


This is what I am attempting to add under the program section.  All of these serve economically disadvantaged and adults.  Family serves children.  We serve the following areas: Vancouver, WA - Portland, OR - Battle Ground, WA - Camas WA & Ridgefield, WA.


Can someone assist with getting our program information updated please?  Thanks - Savenia Falquist


2018 Programs


Training Program

We offer both Basic Mediation Training and Mediation Certification Training.  We also provide workplace and community training to reduce conflict and increase communication skills.  Our training program works to support healthy interactions that support a thriving community.

$44,000 Annual Cost

Family Program

We provide mediation services at a reduced cost for households that qualify.  Our program offers parenting plans, pet plans and general family mediation. The services are available to residents of Clark County and beyond.

$45,000 Annual Cost

Small Claims Program

Clark County Court refers six cases monthly to participate in mediation on the first Tuesday of each month.  Small Claims desk offers residents with a voluntary option to mediation through our program in an attempt to resolve before hearings.

$23,000 Annual Cost

Workplace Mediation Program

We work with agencies, businesses and organizations to resolve conflicts between staff.  Our Co-Mediation model provides a services that is neutral and works towards agreements to enhance productivity and creates a work environment that is inclusive and respectful.

$18,000 Annual Cost

Neighbor to Neighbor Program

We provide mediation services for community members who are having conflict with each other.  Some of these conflicts include; noise, property, parking and traffic.  We provide case management that is focused on assisting with communication between parties and ultimately mediation if needed.

$17,000 Annual Cost

Landlord and Tenant Program

This program provides support services for conflicts between renter and landlord.  We offer assistance in communicating between parties and providing mediation as needed. 

$15,000 Annual Cost

Foreclosure Program

The State of Washington refers foreclosure cases to our organization in an attempt to mediate so that residents can make payment plans to keep their homes.

$18,000 Annual Cost

Facilitation Program

We provide workplace and community meeting facilitation services to provide a safe space that is neutral.  This program is effective in resolving “group” issues.

$9,000 Annual Cost