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Question asked by davidroger on Jan 12, 2018
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Our organization, Hillman Family Foundations, has a unique structure where we have 18 foundations housed in the same administrative body. Prior to 2008, all 18 foundations were their own separate entities, but that year we merged them under one roof. We just recently noticed that upon searching both Google and Guidestar the separate foundations are still appearing, and giving a quite confusing message: 


If we could either have the separate foundations removed or archived, or redirect those foundations to the Hillman Family Foundations profile, that would help alleviate the confusion that our grantees are currently experiencing. The foundations are:

Audrey Hillman Fisher Foundation
Dylan Todd Simonds Foundation
Elsie H. Hillman Foundation

Henry John Simonds Foundation
Henry L. Hillman Foundation
Henry Lea Hillman, Jr. Foundation

Hillman Foundation
Juliet Ashby Hillman Foundation
Juliet Lea Hillman Simonds Foundation

Justin Brooks Fisher Foundation
Lilah Hilliard Fisher Foundation
Mary Hillman Jennings Foundation

Matthew Hillman Fisher Foundation
Nina Baldwin Fisher Foundation
Polk Foundation

Summer Lea Hillman Foundation
Talbott and Carter Simonds Foundation
William Talbott Hillman Foundation


Thank you.