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updating annual report

Question asked by laurawilliams-parrish Champion on Jan 8, 2018
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In adding our latest annual report for 2017, I noticed on the annual report drop-down on the public profile (below), there are two copies of the 2015 annual report. Is there a way to delete one? I don't see it duplicated when I update our profile. 


Also, is there a way that I can go in and re-edit some of the names of the annual reports to clarify which year? Some are listed as 2017 or 2011-2012, etc. and we would prefer that all have the same title format. I'm sure this happened with different staff members updating the profile, so we would just like some uniformity, if it's possible for us to change.



Laura Williams-Parrish

Community Relations Manager

Pikes Peak Habitat for Humanity