Does an expanded GuideStar profile influence your granting decisions?

Poll created by Employee on Jun 9, 2015

GuideStar profiles can expanded upon by nonprofits. Expanding data allows nonprofits to talk about their programs, results, impact, and successes. It also highlights their commitment to transparency.


If they provide certain details, they earn a "level," Bronze, Silver, or Gold (or Platinum - coming soon).

Bronze - basic organizational information, board chair, mission statement

Silver - financial information, plus Bronze requirements

Gold - completion of Charting Impact (goals, strategies, capabilities, indicators, progress)


When you see that a nonprofit/potential grantee has completed extra information on their GuideStar profile, do you feel more inclined to give them a grant?

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  • Yes.
  • Yes, but only if they have achieved Silver or higher.
  • Yes, but only if they have achieved Gold.
  • Yes, our foundation requires it.
  • No.
  • Other - please leave a comment!