Issue with the Dialog when Publishing Updates

Idea created by robin.burdick Employee on Jun 5, 2017

    Here is the dialog I am presented with:


    Publish dialog


    The bug is that I *cannot* say Yes. Both Yes and No buttons are enabled, and this dialog is giving me the option to publish my changes, reverting to Bronze, but will not allow me to do it. It is very clear, from the text, that I would be losing my Silver level if I say Yes. In my situation, that would be fine - I can come back later and update to the Silver level.


    The UI clearly presents me with the option to publish my current changes and lose my Silver level (temporarily, at least in my case), but then it will not allow me to proceed along that path. That *is* a bug. If you don't want people to do this, then don't tell people they'll lose their level and then ask "Do you want to publish these changes anyway?", especially if you won't allow them to answer Yes.