Problems uploading 990

Idea created by robin.burdick Employee on Jun 5, 2017

    Both of the below users tried to upload their organization's 990 to their profile and it wouldn't upload.  Please see their comments below:


    Laina Levy

    Attempting to upload our form 990-EZ from 2016 to our profile - it is in PDF format and only 394KB in size. I enter the document name, year, and navigate to the file, then hit Save... a few seconds passes... and I'm back on the Documents area of our profile with NOTHING changed or saved. 


    I've tried 5 times. No error message, no indication that something went wrong. But the file is just not showing up. Using Chrome 58.0 and OSX El Capitan 10.11.6 and also tried Firefox 46.0



    Christine Bucher:

    I think, however, my files are small enough – as I stated in my original post. They are 281 KB and 1,119 KB – which are 0.281 MB and 1.119 MB respectively. I have tried to repeatedly upload these files and they just won’t “take”.