I am having trouble updating my organization's profile.

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Below are 3 solutions our users find helpful when troubleshooting issues updating a GuideStar Nonprofit Profile.


Verify You Have Access to Your Nonprofit Profile

  1. Log out of  guidestar.org
  2. Sign in using the email address associated with your Nonprofit Profile
  3. The option “Edit Form” under “Manage” confirms you have access to update your Nonprofit Profile
  4. Choose “Edit Form” under “Manage” to begin editing your Nonprofit Profile
  5. Choose “Bronze” on the left-side of the screen to update your organization’s information


Click Save Before Publish

When you update your Nonprofit Profile make sure to Save your changes before you Publish.


Continuous Spinning Circle (Cannot Save or Update My Nonprofit Profile)

We discovered a caching issue with web browsers, causing a continuous spinning circle when updating your Nonprofit Profile. Basically, cookies (data) saved to your computer can block you from updating your profile. One solution would be to open an incognito browser or a private session. 

How to open a private window.


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