GuideStar API Throttling Limit for Gen 1 APIs

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GuideStar APIs impose a strict throttling limit on APIs of no more than 120 requests per 60 seconds. A program that employs the APIs and exceeds that rate will receive 403 errors. This is an example from our API logs:


16:42:43.8350|DEBUG|Middleware.API.Openrasta.PipelineContributors.ThrottlingPipelineContributor|user X||Request rate limit of 120 per 60 seconds has been reached


Each node is set to allow no more than 120 requests per minute. With 3 nodes, this can effectively increase to 360/min when the Load Balancer  perfectly distributes the requests; however, the rule of thumb is less than 120/min.


If for some reason your API request frequency exceeds the limit,  if you can insert some delay in your code between API calls this error can be avoided.