New Features for Your GuideStar Nonprofit Profile: What They Are and How They Help

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We’ve listened to your feedback and improved our GuideStar Nonprofit Profiles!


Recently, we added new features to help your organization better tell your story. You'll also notice we've given the GuideStar Nonprofit Profiles a refreshed look and feel. We’re making a host of improvements, so your organization’s information will not only look great on desktop devices but also on smartphones and tablets.

So, What’s New?

Most of the new information fields can be found within the Bronze Seal of Transparency.


First and foremost, we now feature the geographic areas served by your programs on a map. (While you’re adding the map information, we invite you to include a brief description and a population served.)


 New Maps Feature - Nonprofits, Inc.

Second, to make sure donations reach your organization, we now ask for your payment address and fundraising contact.


Third, we’ve created a Brand section, so you can tailor your GuideStar Nonprofit Profile to your organization. You can add a tagline, upload a high-resolution logo, and display your website URL.


We also want to make sure your organization looks good on our partners’ mobile-giving platforms. So, we’ve shortened character limits for text responses, to keep your content bite-sized and glance-able.


You’ve got options. You may notice a few optional fields, such as a photo and LinkedIn URL for your organization’s leader.


These simple, powerful, changes are multiplied by the reach of our partner network. When your organization's information is up to date on GuideStar, it's up to date on the 200+ partner platforms that use this data, too. 


New Look, New Feel

You may notice a new look and feel to the GuideStar Nonprofit Profiles. We’ve updated the visual design of the profiles to make them cleaner and more streamlined. Plus, we’re improving how the profiles display on your smartphone and tablet. Now, the information will re-size to your screen, for an easy, scroll-able experience. We’ll continue rolling out incremental improvements for small devices in the future, too.


New Designs for the GuideStar Seals of Transparency

We’re celebrating these changes with a new style for the GuideStar Seals of Transparency. You know your organization is displaying current information when you earn a new Bronze, Silver, Gold, or Platinum Seal. Earning each Seal is FREE and recognizes your organization for being transparent with potential donors, funders, and key decision makers. Ready to earn a new Seal? Click here to get started. 


2017 Bronze Seal of Transparency 2017 Silver Seal of Transparency      2017 Gold Seal of Transparency          2017 Platinum Seal of Transparency



I’ve already earned a Seal of Transparency. What do I need to do to get a new Seal?

  • There are just a few sections you’ll need to complete in the Bronze Seal of Transparency to earn a new Seal. We’ve noted “New” next to each new section listed on the drop-down menu within our system. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to complete the Bronze Seal. You can also see a full list of each field here

I added all of the new fields. When will I see my changes on the public view of my organization’s Nonprofit Profile?

  • The new look for the GuideStar Nonprofit Profiles is still underway. All new information fields, including the maps feature, will be visible in a few weeks. We thank you for your patience as we continue to improve the look and feel of the profiles.

What is the new maps feature? How do I use it?

  • The new maps feature allows you to chart the geographic area served for each of your programs. You can add up to 10 programs and display a map for each one. Cities will be emphasized with a pin, and counties, states, and countries will be highlighted in yellow. Unfortunately, regions cannot be displayed at this time. Although the locations aren’t clickable, the list of locations will be displayed below the map.

What if my nonprofit’s programs serve more than one area?

  • Not to worry, you can add up to 5 areas served for one program. If you have more than 5, we suggest picking your top 5 locations or choosing a larger area. Likewise, if your organization operates internationally, we recommend adding the countries, as specific cities are not yet available.

Will there be high-resolution images of the new Seals of Transparency?

  • Of course! To access the images of the new Seals, you must first earn a Bronze Seal or higher. Then, navigate to the Benefits and Rewards section within our system. Locate the Outreach Toolkit, which will contain small, medium, and large images of the Seal. You can also add the new Seal to your website by locating the GuideStar participation logo and widget, which will provide you with a snippet of code you can copy and paste into your website.

What is the new Donation section located in the Bronze Seal?

  • We created the Donation section so that checks from our partners, such as AmazonSmile, Facebook, and Network for Good will reach you faster and more efficiently. The required fields to earn a Bronze Seal are your payment address and the name of your fundraising contact.

Where do I upload my organization’s logo and website URL?

  • Instead of adding your organization’s logo and website URL in the Social & Media Outreach section, just navigate to the Bronze Seal and locate the Brand section.

Have you made changes to the Silver, Gold, and Platinum Seals of Transparency?

Yes, we’ve made a few updates, but they’re small and won’t affect your Seal level. We made them to help you better navigate our system. The updates include: 


  • Basic Information: To save you time and effort, we’ve merged the Basic Information section with the Bronze Seal of Transparency. This includes your organization’s name, EIN, address, and founding information.
  • Silver Seal: We’re improving the Funding Needs section and have removed it temporarily. We also now require financial information within the past two years to receive a Silver Seal. 
  • Gold Seal: We listened to your feedback and changed the Impact Statement to a Problem Overview. In addition, we shortened the Problem Overview character limit to 1,000 characters instead of 2,000 to improve viewing on mobile devices.
  • Platinum Seal: To stay up to date with Platinum, all you need to do is add 2016 data to at least one metric. That’s it!