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Can you increase the limit of monthly organization downloads per month?

  • We cannot increase the limit of 5,000 monthly organization downloads per month.  Your limit will reset back to "0" on the 1st of every month.


Why can I no longer filter the download options into the Excel report?

  • You can no longer filter the download options because we are allowing you to have full access to all the download filters available.


How do I search for nonprofits?


**New Feature to GuideStar Pro-GuideStar Charity Check

To better understand how to use the Charity Check function, check out the following link: How to Use Guidestar Charity Check, Create a Watch List and Set Up Alerts


  • Log into your account and you will see a drop-down arrow next to your name or "Hi" in the top right hand corner of your screen.  Click on My Account then click on the "Search" link in the upper toolbar to the top left of your screen.  This will take you to the GuideStar Search page.


  • You can search for a nonprofit by typing a Name, EIN (Employer Identification Number) or Keywords in the search bar.  You can also filter by Geography, GuideStar Nonprofit Profile, Level, Cause, Area, IRS Subsection, Number of Employees and multiple income, expense and asset filters.



  • Sample Search: Items marked in red are the search filters used.  Items marked in yellow are the keywords used and the number of search results found.  Items marked in green are options on how to save, download, compare results or sort search results by Relevance, Organization Name, Income and Assets.  You can select individual organizations or choose to download all results. **Remember there is a limit of 5,000 organizations downloaded per month.


  • By clicking on the drop-down arrow shown here, you can save "All" organizations on that page.  Or you can select "None" from the drop-down and the organizations on that page will be removed from your saved organizations.



  • You can filter by Organization and to the left is the Organization list of filter options marked by the red arrow.



  • To the left are the list of the Financial filter options.  You can use the slider bar to adjust your search marked by the red arrow. Or you can enter the amounts by hovering over $0 and MAX.  A box should appear where you can enter an amount, for example, 5K-25M.



If I don't know the name of a nonprofit, can I search for an organizational leader or board member instead?

  • You can change the search bar option to People by clicking on the drop-down arrow next to Organization marked by the yellow arrow below and then type the Name of the Organizational Leaders and Board Members.
  • To the left are the People Search filters.


How do I search for Individual Organizations?

  • You can search by the organization's name or EIN (Employee Identification Number).  To view and organization's GuideStar Nonprofit Profile, click on its name in the search results.



  • You can save or download data from the organization's Nonprofit Profile by clicking the Save For Later and/or the Download Data tabs at the top of the page marked by the green arrow below.



  • To find out how many organizations are in your download queue, click the drop-down arrow next to your name or "Hi" marked by the red arrow below.



  • Then click the "My Account" link marked by the green arrow below.



  • In the GuideStar Premium Pro section, you will see links for your Download Queue, Saved Organizations, Saved Searches and View Comparison Set marked by the red arrow below.


  • From the Download Queue, you can Manage Download Queue and view your Monthly Totals, Download History and Organizations Saved for Download.
  • You are also provided with a list of Data Fields included in the Download.



How to view and download a PDF Report and Forms 990 of the organization?



How to view and download audited financial data?

How to download the Letter of Determination, Form 1023/1024 and 5 most recent years of officer and director compensations?

How to download 5 most recent years of highest paid employee's data?


How to download the most recent year of the board of directors?