• When will we able to see 2016 Form 990's?

    When will we able to see 2016 Form 990's?
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  • Recent 990's posted on Guidestar

    General question: Under what circumstances would Guidestar NOT have 990's posted beyond tax year 2012 for an Organization that is still in existence and fully functioning, based on a review of their website? The ...
  • Current Address?

    Hello,    Our dog rescue has set up a fundraiser with CrowdRise and I am trying to make sure that GuideStar has our current address and info. I believe I entered everything correctly. Could you please check...
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  • Nonprofit Merge - How to update Guidestar Listing

    Good afternoon.    I have recently updated our nonprofit profile (Southern Nevada Conservancy). As of 10/1/2016, Red Rock Canyon Interpretive Association legally merged with Southern Nevada Conservancy...
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  • What is BBBSA accreditation?

    I would like to list the Better Business Bureau Seal of Approval on our gold profile yet it is not listed in your drop down menu unless BBBSA is an abbreviation. Please notify me if that is true or another way I may l...
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  • Not able to upload our 2016 990 Form

    I unsuccessfully tried to upload our 2016 990 form a couple of weeks ago.  So I tried again today.  I get to the box which allows me to upload our 990 form (which is a pdf document).  It looks like...
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  • How to update Financial Information?

    Hello Team!   First of all we at PAWS would like to express our most sincere thanks to each and everyone of you who worked hard to make what GuideStar is today!   We are please to have found your Organizat...
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  • Understand what products or services are available for nonprofits?

    I would like to speak to someone about what products and services are available for nonprofits.
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  • Platinum level

    What percentage of companies on your site have achieved the platinum level?
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  • Is Gross receipts useful

    Hi There.   Big fan!   My CEO asked me about the "gross receipts" figure that shows up when first selecting an org.   My analysis shows that you are adding the revenue on line 12 to the cost of the s...
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  • Enlarged Guidestar Seal

    I loaded the Guidestar Seal onto our website. The next day the Seal was 4x larger that what we originally posted. How do we get it back to the original size? Thank you, Chuck
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  • Please List Our Organization!

    Hello,   I sent the message below via email to outreach@guidestar.org on September 7, 2017 and I still have not received a response. Can someone please contact me to assist me with this matter as soon as p...
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  • What is the process for becoming Guidestar Gold?

    I have seen a Guidestar Gold logo on other nonprofit sites. How does one qualify to have that logo on your own website?
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  • Hi my name is Brandy Barron

    I am needing to find out how I can update the Principal Officer and Main Address, Kelly James and the address are no longer correct.  This should be the correct information:   Principal Officer: Brand...
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  • Gold level status?

    When I go to "update nonprofit profile" it shows Caring Voice Coalition Inc. has completed 100% of the requirements for the Silver and Gold level.  We used to have the Silver designation next to our name.  H...
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  • Find out our status

    I am with Spirit's Promise Equine Rescue and I would like to know our status/rating with GuideStar for an application.   Thanks   Roberta Roll Director of Operations
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  • Profile Update

    Hello! I want to update the "What are the organization's current programs, how do they measure success, and who do the programs serve?" section, but don't know where to find it to edit it! Can someone help please? tha...
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  • Account Change

    The Cooperating School Districts of Greater Kansas City has had an issue with our EIN for the past several years.  It has now been resolved with the IRS.  When someone without a Guide Star account searches f...
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  • When will our status be updated?

    We completed updating our profile on October 5, 2017. When will our new status show up?
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  • Hi there....we have been trying for days to update our profile.  We have tried under 3 different browsers including AOL, Internet Explorer and Google Chrome.  We put in all the information and a box appears stating that we are missing some information.  H

    Hi there....we have been trying for days to update our profile.  We have tried under 3 different browsers including AOL, Internet Explorer and Google Chrome.  We put in all the information and a box appears ...
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