• Still not getting a reply to third attempt to claim org

    Best wishes to you, I just tried again, third time, to claim our nonprofit.  Here is the message I thought I send in November.  It said it was saved as a draft.  Hoping to get this done because we have...
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  • Need to Update the Contact on The Ark of San Juan Companion Animal Rescue

    Hi - I am trying to update the profile for The Ark of San Juan Companion Animal Rescue (EIN: 83-0493818).  The person who is listed as a contact or Officer with this organization left in 2015.  The new Offi...
    created by sonyawong
  • Edits/updates made on profile don't seem to be coming through.

    Greetings: I'm trying to update the profile for La Puerta Abierta, Inc and notice that some of the information in the profile (that I thought I had updated, saved and then published) is not showing in the public profi...
    created by cathitillman
  • Registered on GuideStar but not found on Amazon Smile

    My charity is registered on GuideStar, however it is not showing up on Amazon Smile when I search for the EIN number or title. The EIN number is 82-2599720. What do I need to do in order to register my charity on Amaz...
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  • How long does it take for a bridge number to be assigned and to be added to amazon smile?

    Wondering what kind of timeline we can expect to have our organization assigned a bridge id number and be added to amazon smile. Thank You!
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  • excel

    How do I download a Saved Organizations list to Excel or .csv?
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  • Downloading 990's

    Hi,   I am interested in downloading 990's for organizations in the DC area. Is there a way to do that in an automated fashion or to zip the results for particular states. The prospect of downloading the files o...
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  • Removing defunct org

    I am the Founder and CEO of Association of Young Americans. We share a name with a non profit that no longer exists. How can I get rid of the existing non profits page as it has not existed for several years?
    created by benjaminbrown
  • HELP---logo is not updating.

    The guidestar is not allowing me to update our logo.  I have adjusted the file to fit your requirements yet still it will not change the logo.  Please help with this.  THANKS!
  • Updating my address

    Hello!   Our non-profit, Civic Nation, has moved addresses and we need to update the address on our website to receive donations we raised through Crowd Rise. When I go to the edit section on your website, our c...
    created by civicnation
  • Canot log into my non profit account

    Below is the error message I have been getting..for a full week now. Please call me with step by step instructions how to access my non profit and redeem funds that have been donated to our foundation. Thank you. ...
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  • Account has disappeared

    We set up an account a few weeks ago and were approved. Today I went to pull up the account and we are not listed! I have been trying to create an Amazon Smile account also and I was told we would be eligible last wee...
    created by annahill
  • Update agency EIN

    My agency's Guidestar account must have been established before we had an EIN?  I can find it by name, but not by EIN.  I need to add the EIN to the profile, as well as update the address.  How can I do...
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  • I sent the necessary paperwork and do not see my listing

    I sent in the necessary paperwork on Dec. 4th but do not see my listing yet on Guidestar
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  • What is my organization's subscription history with Guidestar

    After some transitioning of personnel, we have lost some relevant information such as online platform login information like Guidestar. Is it possible to see if my organization has previously had a subscript...
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  • Registrar Fundació República Dominicana

    Buenas tardes. Estimados, pertenezco a una fundación en República Dominicana, la cual requerimos registrar la organización por un requisito de licenciamiento de cPanel y hay requisitos, por un t...
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  • Organization Name

    I've tried to update my organization name, but it still continues to say Parent Booster USA when pulling up the EIN#.  I have seen other cases in which the actual booster name shows up, but for ours it is showing...
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  • update profile.  previous organization to new organzation.

    I was a previous Executive Director for Yamhill County Family Crisis Shelter and Services DBA Henderson House and need to remove my contact information.  I am now Executive Director for Community Mediation Servic...
    created by saveniafalquist
  • We are trying to update our profile,we changed our name in 2011 and there doesn't seem to be a way to change it in our profile. Please advise.

    Name change in 2011.
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  • How to find % of low- to moderate-income individuals served by the nonprofit organization

    Hello! I am looking for information about % of low- to moderate-income individuals served by the nonprofit organization. This is critical for us to be able to track CRA status. Do you have this information for no...
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