• Drug Addiction Kevin Harpold Foundation. INC

    I am unable to see an email tsent o me, to validate my email address.  My email address is chatterboxjo@yahoo.  I do not understand how and when I will begin recieving the money for our foundation. Drugaddic...
    created by vickieharpold
  • Regarding our 350 Bay Area profile

    We have been updating our profile and recently reached Gold level.  Currently, though, the answers we put in for Charting Impact questions 3 and 5 appear to have disappeared and we can't seem to fix it.  Is ...
    created by kenj
  • Uploading 990-N

    I am trying to download my 990-N report. I don't believe the IRS shares this type of report to Guidestar so I've always had to save a photo of the verification and download it. I tried to do that on financials but I'm...
    created by terricoutee
  • Gold Status for Effects of Grace Ministries, Inc.

    I have completed the Gold requirements, but our ministry is still listed as Silver. EFFECTS OF GRACE MINISTRIES INC Thank you, Rodney
  • How soon will a 990 appear on your page after uploading?

    I uploaded and published updates to my 990 filings. How soon will the new 990 appear on my page when foundation/grantors are looking up our information?
    last modified by karinconnallyheiden
  • Is Guidestar registered to solicit charitable contributions?

    I would like to know if Guidestar is registered to solicit charitable contributions.  If so, I would like to know in what states Guidestar has registered.  Also, if Guidestar recommends non-profits with a Gu...
    last modified by kristinprovost
  • put a donate button on my guidestar profile and to put my platinum rating widget on other sites

    how do I attach a donate button to my guidestar profile?   how do i attach my platinum widget to other sites? thanks
    created by juditharnold
  • I'm working on getting sponsors for our baseball program , and   you have us listed as revoked tax number. We have contated the IRS, 3 years ago, and got re-instated

    We do have the same EIN #. And filed for the last 3 years, in good standing. Please correct our file, so sponsors knows we're eligable to file as non-profit, and get sponsors. Thanks
    last modified by robertstarliper
  • What are the benefits of my organization receiving Platinum status?

    I understand the larger implications of having Platinum status like greater visibility and greater value as an organization, but what tangible benefits come with this status? For instance, Gold status includes al...
    last modified by geoffreystarks
  • Update My Organization's Profile

    I am trying to update our organization's profile information.  Over the last few weeks I've tried several times and have been able to get to the request page.  Then I get the following message:  "We ap...
    last modified by sward
  • How to add our logo to our page

    The StringsforaCURE Foundation is part of the Network for Good and we want to add our logo and we were told that we have to do it through GuideStar. Can you direct me to the area on our account where I can add our Str...
    last modified by elisaguida
  • How do we change an address showing on the public profile?

    I've updated our mailing and physical address in our account profile, or so I thought. When I clicked to view the public profile, I see an old address. How can I change this?
    last modified by amywillis
  • reorder metrics to make logical sense

    I need to reorder my metrics so they make logical sense.  How do I accomplish this?
    last modified by amberkiggens-leifheit
  • Non-Profit Name Change

    My organization just went through a name change in January that has been recognized by the Missouri Secretary of State and papers have been filed with the IRS for the update as well. How do I change the name of our or...
    last modified by brittanycampbell
  • Update Profile - No response from GuideStar

    Good Morning! I have twice submitted a request to have my account associated with out non-profit so that we may update out online profile - I have not yet received any response from GuideStar to either of these reque...
    last modified by john-michaelc.zimmerle
  • Updating profile

    I am unable to update my organization (Hospice of the Piedmont) profile to reflect our new CEO. Can you please help?
    last modified by rachael.palm
  • Help with downloading 990 info after maxing out

    Hello,    We've maxed out our downloads for the month, but I was wondering if we can purchase some information? I see on the FAQ we can't increase our downloads, but I would like to know if there's somethin...
    last modified by bridgespan
  • Where's my check

    https://www.facebook.com/ufi/reaction/profile/browser/?ft_ent_identifier=102107147165317   I did a Facebook fundraiser in 11/17-12/31/17. I have never received a check or deposit for the amount which was about 2...
    last modified by marycade
  • Update status

    I am trying to update our IRS status we received our letter in November 2017 but you all are not showing the updated information so we are not receiving donations. What can we do?
    last modified by rudygoodwine
  • confirm you have the correct address to send checks in the mail.

    I did a fundraiser on April 2 on facebook for "Personal Ponies Florida" $295.00 was raised.  Personal Ponies Florida was approved to fundraise on April 2 so I thought it would com directly through facebook but ap...
    last modified by sandraseiden