• facebook donations

    I am asking for donations to benefit the Fulton County Ohio humane society My fund was at $580 why is it now showing $430. This is sort of disturbing and I am new to this whole thing can you explain where the money is...
    created by janicemiller
  • I'd started the process of updating my organization profile but can't access where I left off at

    created by waamakor
  • Why was a donor not listed on my birthday children's cancer research? I know she donated, but never was acknowledged.

    a donor was not acknowledged. I am certain she donated.
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  • Trapped in a vicious circle when trying to edit profile

    I'm trying to edit my organization's profile. When I click the "Manage Nonprofit Profiles" link, I am sent to a page that asks me to "Request Permission to Update a GuideStar Nonprofit Profile." I enter my EIN, and I ...
    created by juliawyson
  • Trying to update programs, no info is saving.

    I have tried 5 times to edit our current program, and add additional programs. The India program listed just keeps coming back and all other info I enter is deleted. Doesn't matter if I enter one, then scroll down and...
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  • Background info on 990's

    I am writing a blog on the different sources used for researching 990’s. Researchers use your resources often and I would like to include the answers to certain questions we often hear in our profession; timing,...
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  • Upload audit

    Where can I upload an audited financial statement?
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  • I Need Diverse Games is classified with the wrong IRS Subsection

    Hi there,  I just spoke with the president of I Need Diverse Games (EIN# 813478588). They clarified that they are a Private Operating Foundation, but Guidestar has them listed as a Private Non-operating Foundati...
    created by tharajinadasa
  • Guidestar 990 data different than what was filed

    How does my Organization's 90 information get uploaded to guidestar? We noted that the 990 for our fye 6.30.13 990 per guidestar has an instance where the data is different than what our records indicate was...
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  • Bandera Public Library

    Need information about our platinum logo for the Bandera Public Library.  My name is Abel Luna and I manage the GuideStar page for the Library.  I have completed everything need for platinum and submitted up...
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  • Why is a school not showing up in our search?

    The following school is not showing up in our Guidestar search integration:    Founders of Leander NCES ID 480016313068   This is an approved charter school that comes up in our NCES search. Is ...
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  • Logo file won't upload

    I've tried several times unsuccessfully to upload a logo file to the new brand section. It's a svg file and less than 1 MB as instructed. But it won't display. How can I troubleshoot the issue?
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  • How long does it take after a 990 is submited to the IRS for it to show up on Guidestar?

    How long does it take after a 990 is submited to the IRS for it to show up on Guidestar?  It used to be several months. Thanks! Dawn Banks Biomedical Research Foundation of Northwest Louisiana
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  • When will the new 990 showed up on profile?

    We submitted National Center for Science Education (NCSE)'s 990 and Maitri's 990 to IRS three month ago, but the 2016 990 still not showed on their profile. I wonder why, and how long do we need to wait for those new ...
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  • What if I registered with the email of the ED, but I am the one completing the profile?

    Hello, I am the admin. assistant at  the Grief Resource Center. I gave the email address of the ED when I registered,  because she is the main contact. However, I am updating the Guide Star profile and want...
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  • Update executive director's name

    Hi, I want to do some major revisions to our profile. Can I do that myself or do you have to do it? Our new executive director is: Dr. Jennifer Steketee Our new finance director is: Laura Parker   thanks, Ben
    Ben Swan
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  • Add map to profile

    Like Cindy Eilenberger, I'm not able to add a map of our non-profit's service area by clicking Update Now in map window. It sends me back to Dashboard.
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  • upload Adventure Ministries Determination letter. We have our 501c3 but we are not in your database

    Your website says we need to send you a copy of our determination letter awarding our 501c3 but I do not see a place to upload it. We just got our letter last month so that might be why you don't have our info yet....
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  • Updating Profile

    I am unable to get to the page/form to update my organization's basic information such as the President/CEO's name.
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  • How do I update my organization's GuideStar Nonprofit Profile?

    How do I update my organization's Nonprofit Profile?
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