• Some are saying Guidestar classifies Christian organizations as hate groups. Is that true. If so, let me say you are wrong.

    You will loose all credibility is you continue to designate Christian organizations as hate groups. I am very surprised to hear this. 
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  • Upload New Watched Organizations List

    For over a month I cannot upload a new Watched List.  When will it be corrected?
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  • Find out who has a donation that was sent through Guidestar? I can't find the money!!!

    Help me locate a donation of $3,830 that was not passed on to our nonprofit. Help! Gloria Reiger: We have received your donation. Your confirmation is below. Your donation will be contributed to C A R T E INC &...
    created by gloriamanchester
  • assistance needed

    I was wondering how i go about withdrawing the donations and also what the process would be to change to a personal fundraiser as i selected non profit accidentally. i have another non profit that i could transfer if ...
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  • Delete my account

    Please can you delete my account and confirm by email to k.shreeve@ntlworld.com I would have been happy to delete my own account but I was unable to find any way to do so or to unsubscribe Regards K Shreeve
    created by karenshreeve
  • limiting access to changing info

    Hi,   PACE Center for Girls has a platinum rating on your site and organizationally is structured as one 501c3 with multiple Center locations across one state.  Additionally, we have several Title Holding Co...
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  • HELP

    Hi,  I need to know when the funds will be received so the account can be closed.  The fundraiser event ended Sat. Thanks
    created by phayliciamurphy
  • Can't delete logo

    I am trying to replace the logo for the NPO I represent.  I read the procedure to replace the existing logo.  It seems simple enough: click on the delete button to the bottom right of the logo.  However...
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  • How often must a non-profit update its profile to continue to hold a participation widget?

    Annually? Does it depend on which rating the nonprofit has? Will GuideStar prompt the nonprofit to make this change?
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  • How was information added to Profile prior to claiming profile?

    Hello,   I now have access to update our NFP information. Is there anything on our Guidestar profile that I can not update? How was the information populated prior to us claiming our profile? Are you able to upd...
    last modified by laurabenner
  • The IRS Ruling year on my Non-profit account is listed as 2015, but tax-except status, as determined by our organizations's 501c3 approval letter is 2014. How do I change this field?

    The IRS Ruling year cannot be changed manually by me. 
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  • Not Yet Posted?

    Hi - I am trying to find the report for 2015 for Greater New York Hospital Association (EIN: 13-1552496).  I would have expected this to be posted on the website by now so I am writing to see if there was so...
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  • how do we update our information

    we would like to update our information
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  • How to change our name on Amazon Smile

    We are the Dallas Shambhala Meditation Center, and, like all the other Shambhala Centers around the world, we are a local chapter affiliated with Vajradhatu International.   On our basic profile with Guidestar "V...
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  • Due Diligence

    I need to confirm if my subscription is still a good method of protecting our small Private Foundation when doing Due Diligence, confirming Public Charity Status, etc.  I've been reading about changes with Public...
    last modified by debraverzi
  • Platinum level 'widget'

    I just updated my organization's profile (Assistance League of Kansas City) and reached the Platinum level.  How do I get the Platinum widget information to put on our website home page?     Thanks so ...
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  • delete account

    Please delete my account. I can't find this option anywhere on your website. My email is julessowder@gmail.com. Please send me a reply to confirm deletion. Thank you.   Jules Sowder
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  • Please contact me regarding assistance

    I would like to inquire about how to posture our non profit better
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    How can I verify that our members purchases on Amazon Smile are being credited to our account?
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  • Put together a budget for my animal Hospice in Colorado. Where do I start and can anyone help me with the numbers

    I am opening a new  and the first non profit animal Hospice in Colorado. I am trying to do the financials together for my non profit status and they are ask ing me for my 10 year plan and budget. Can anyone help ...
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