• Download Excel report

    Hello,   I performed a search, and would like to download an Excel spreadsheet of my results, but don't see a way to do that. Is there an option, and I'm just missing it? If not, is there a way to generate that ...
  • a question 990

    I got stuck trying to go to the next level on GuideStar for the San Juan Islands Museum of Art. I have the new 990, but do not have a certified audit.  What do I do next? I want the most up to date information p...
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  • Update Name

    Hello,  how do I update the name of our non-profit?         
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  • Submitting Bronze Level Update

    I have completed the Bronze Seal updates but the system keeps telling me that I have one or more required questions that still need to be answered.  I have been unable to find any required questions that I have n...
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  • When will we be reported for AmazonSmile?

    We are a non profit 501 C(3) and have registered with our state and paid all fees to be on the Registry of Charitable Trusts for the state of California. I keep checking AmazonSmile for my organization to sign us up a...
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  • How to Obtain Permission to Edit Profile

    My name is Barbara McDonough of Assistance League of Colorado Springs.  I have been asked by our President, Eleanor Law, to be the manager of the Guide Star account.  I am having difficulty figuring out how ...
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  • Profile setup

    Website will not accept my EIN #. Who do I forward my 501(c)(3) acceptance letter to so I can complete my profile?
  • RE: How do you add additional staff members?

    Robin,       Thank you for your helpful response. I apologize for the delay in getting back to you, I had some other projects come up that required my attention. I've tried the other browser options...
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  • I finished the Gold level work, but why isn't it on my profile?

  • post 990

    Where do I go within Guidestar to post a 990? 
    created by tracynarvet
  • Can we get a list of our tracked orgs with NTEE codes?

    Hi there!   We're embarking on a database cleanup project and would like to update our grantee records with all three levels of NTEE codes. Are you able to help us by providing a report of our tracked orgs (name...
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  • How do we receive our money

    How do we contact you by phone
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  • Improving my organization’s transparency

    Hi,   I am looking for ways to improve my organization’s transparency.
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  • Compassion & Choices (EIN 84-1328829) IRS Status

    We had a lengthy discussion about this in August and I thought we had resolved this issue.   I just had a donor advised fund contact me and tell me that their version of Guidestar still shows us as not listed ...
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  • Our logo is not appearing on our Facebook Charity Fundraisers. I have provided our logo to Guide Star.

    When people search for us they are choosing the wrong charity as we have a similar name and our logo does not show up.
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  • guidestar to update non profit - site down for several days

    Hello,   Last Monday, 9/10, I was going to update our organization”s profile -Sinag-tala Filipino Theater & Performing Arts Association.  However, I forgot my password ,  then had to wait to ...
    created by enagee1
  • how to remove the aka from charity

    MillBridge Foundation is not AKA Bailey Consulting Services and I cannot remove it. We are located in the same office but a different nonprofit. How can it be fixed. 
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  • Guidestar Logo

    Can we put the Guidestar logo on our website or letterhead?
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  • How to get my PTO on the list?

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  • How to Get your Nonprofit Listed on GuideStar

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