• Updating profile

    Hello, changes made to profile are not saving. I've updated all areas with *, tried save, continue, publish. Nothing sticks. Can you advise? Thank you, Rebecca  
    created by rebeccawhite
  • Contact one of your Consultants

    Where I can mail her information about interested donors about great artists and a thank you note for her great work
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  • Trying to share account with our financial officer.

    I created this account while a board member of an organization. How can I have the account reassigned to the new leadership?
    created by charlierussell
  • I am trying to delete a previous acct under the email nscmkt@gmail.com

    Trying to open a new account and am told this email is already being used.  This has to be me.  Can I delete the old one or use it.
    created by carolsimmons
  • null

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  • Why No 2016 Taxes For HiCaliber Horse Rescue

    Your organization continues to give HiCaliber Horse Rescue a Bronze rating in spite of the fact that they have not posted their 2016 taxes and refuse to tell their constituents where they can view and copy their taxes...
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  • Merger and Name Change

    The Wisconsin Taxpayers Alliance merged with the Public Policy Forum on January 1, 2018 and the new name is Wisconsin Policy Forum, Inc.  We are the "surviving" entity per the merger paperwork so our FEIN will re...
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  • Deleting an account

    I am preparing to retire and this account is set up under my personal name and contact information. When I tried to change it to the organization, I was alerted that there was already an account under that email. Appa...
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  • Running report

    Running reports that generates 1000 501c3    then I will change the revenue, from 0-3.5 million which will generate 250 and from 3.5-max which will generate 50.    Where did the other 700 go? 
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  • How will my organization receive its donations?

    What process does it take for the amounts donated to get to my organization?
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  • how to change the official representative for our non profit organization

    I need to change the official representative for our non profit organization, Several Sources Shelters.  Could you tell me how to make this change?  Thanks!
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  • Padre Island Enrichment Club

    Why does GuideStar not show that this organization is current with it's IRS 990 filings?  I checked the IRS website & we are current through 2016.
    created by rebeccarobbins
  • Update account information

    I have updated the information on our account, but I am awaiting additional information - Answers to the Gold status questions.  Can I submit the information I have updated and then return to answer the questions...
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  • Changing PF Status to Public Charity on Profile

    Hello,   I am a Power of Attorney for the King-Bruwaert House EIN: 36-2167769 and profile: https://www.guidestar.org/profile/36-2167769.    The private foundation status is now a public cha...
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  • My search is not working

    Hello, Whenever I try to search for a company's info - the site says I need to confirm an email that GuideStar has sent.  I have not ever received the email. Even after clicking to resend it (multiple times). He...
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  • Select organizations to download

    Is there any way to know whether an organization record has an email address before I download it?
    created by patrickmartin
  • I am a premium subscriber but do not seem to have the ability to export search results.

    Need data urgently.
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  • Unable to verify email address on new account

    I have created a new account and am unable to verify my email address. The link in the Welcome to GuideStar email opens an internet browser page that says the verification code supplied is not valid. 
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  • Registration

    To Whom It May Concern:   I am attempting to register with GuideStar.   At this time, GuideStar does not have us identified as an organization.   I have attached our IRS determination letter and our...
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  • I need help correcting the adress on the profile for EIN 46-3169952

    I am having issues with the Duke Energy YourCause.com website showing the correct address for the Retreat Colored Rosenwald School (EIN 46-3169952). Employee and Retiree matched contributions are not being received be...
    last modified by williewashington